CEO message


  The vaccination program in the world saved millions of lives every year. More than one hundred millions of children now receive vaccination every year and the inoculation rate has reached the highest in the history.Yet millions of lives are lost every year by VPD and new vaccines are developed year in and year out. Annual sales of the vaccine industry have grown, and in 2013, it marked US$32 billion. It is said to grow up more than US$35 billion during 2014.

The world of the vaccine market is expected to keep growing 11.5% in CAGR (the annual average growth rate). Some specialist in this field expect the market scale will expand over the US$ 52 billion in 2016.


What we A-VPD provide is the genuine vaccines manufactured by “The Research Foundation for Microbial Diseases of Osaka University (BIKEN)”

Simultaneous inoculation of vaccines is essential to protect children from the danger of the VPD in childhood.

Mixed inoculation of “BIKEN-Varicella Vaccine” is proven safe by the WHO.

The track records from millions of children in the world has proven safe and now included in regular vaccination program in Japan.