What is Halal?


Halal is any object or action which is permissible according to Islamic law.

Halal refers to more than just food, Halal industry expanded beyond food sector to include pharmaceuticals , medical supplies, toiletries etc.



Halal Industry in Japan


With an increasing number of Muslims residing in and visiting Japan, halal demands are increasing.

Japan Food and Tourism Industry are beginning to embrace Halal Industry. Tourist spot like Asakusa, Kyoto and others offers various muslim friendly restaurants.


Halal food market are emerging, However as we all know Halal is not all about meat. Halal foods are increasing but halal in healthcare are still in its infancy.


Why Choose Us?


A-VPD has a mission to promote health and wellness in Asia and deliver them tradition, knowledge and technology in health and nutrition of the worlds healthiest country “JAPAN”.


As Asia being number one in muslim population, We put our attention to Halal Industry and through Halal we set our goals.


At A-VPD we take health and nutrition seriously. We design our products based on health issues and health facts.