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FRESHERY® Inner glove


Reduce discomfort of hear and stickiness in rubber gloves.
Application: Wear as inner gloves for latex, nitrile etc., watertight materials. It reduces heat, stickiness to prevent allergy and rough hands.
Use environment: Wherever watertight gloves are used.
Material: Nylon: 92% Polyurethane: 8%      SIZE: one-size-fits-all
Specific features:
Excellent sweat absorbency; by use of high water absorbent nylon fibers.

10 times more water absorbency than polyester!!

(Standard moisture regain PTE: 0.4%, Ny:4.5%)

Superb fitting: by use of extremely elastic polyurethane fabric.

Fits well to size and shape of hands without squeezing.

One-size-fits-all. Common for right and left hand.

Less stock risk.

Product variation: Full finger type and Half finger type.



WHO estimates that annually 21 million hepatitis B infections, 2 million hepatitis C infections and 260 000 HIV/AIDS cases may be caused by re-use of syringes and needles without sterilization.  The viruses that can be transmitted through unsafe injections can remain “silent” in the body for a long time before they cause symptoms. Thus, unsafe injections can lead to a silent epidemic that occurs many years after the original events.  A safe injection does no harm to the recipient, does not expose the health worker to any risk and does not result in waste that is dangerous for the community. To achieve this, the injection needs to be administered using a sterile syringe and needle. After administration, sharp equipment needs to be discarded in a puncture-proof container for appropriate disposal. Any break or departure from this procedure represents a risk, rendering the injection unsafe.


・Happycath C

Hemostasis Valve built-in type
Preventation of needle stick injury

HappyCath V

For the purpose of the safe who worked in medical field, we have developed a with hemostasis valve safety indwelling needle. (First time in the world)
Originally innovated “Extendable needle tube cover“ prevent needle stick injury.
“Prevention of needle stick injury” – Inner needle tip is fully covered
“Hemostasis Valve” – The first indwelling needle in the world / Smooth operation without pressure hemostatic

Happycath NEO

Usability of conventional former Clumpcath is intact, improve the smooth feeling and safety of operation.
Preventing blood leakage in needle by full cover type of passive safety functions.
Reducing the burden of patient by improving surface of catheter lubricity.

Happycath  Clump cath P

Forte Grow Medical

Endoscope water supply machine
dAngio Kit / Monitoring Kit
Angiogram Catheter
Angiogram Guidewire

Blood Transfusion Kit / Fluid infusion Kit

Extension Tube Specialized filter for Fluid infusion