Medical Service

Comprehensive Specimen Test

In order to assist diagnosis of doctors, we have a system in place to accept specimens from around the world for laboratory test.

We have various test schemes and special requests are also accepted.

Specimen examinations for Allergy, Infection antibody, Gene, Chromosome (Blood disease & congenital abnormalities), Bacteria, Cytology, Pathology, Drug Lymphocyte stimulation test (DLST), etc., and specific examination upon request.


Trust specimen inspection service

A-VPD INC. in collaboration with SRL Inc., world renown specimen inspection laboratory, would like to propose a specimen inspection service scheme from South East Asian countries.


Distributor companies collect specimens from hospitals in their territory utilizing their delivery network for better utilization of delivery freight and temperature control of the specimen.

Collected specimens are packed to temperature requirements by distributor and arrange air transportation with A-VPD for delivery to SRL laboratory in Tokyo, Japan.

A-VPD will arrange with SRL through their medical network for trusted tests of each specimen.

Special high quality report will be electronically delivered to doctors and hospitals of each country by E-mail or fax in accordance with requirement.



  1. General tests: Inspection for existence of diseases, if organs are working properly. Well mechanized and automated.
  2. Special test: Inspection of the cause of diseases and progress. Many of them are difficult to be mechanized and automated.
    SRL is outstanding especially in special tests and trusted by doctors and hospitals from all over Japan and now expanding the service to the world with A-VPD.

Comprehensive Specimen Examination Guide

We have a system in place to accept specimens from around the world for examination.

We have various examination schemes and have specific request form for the following schemes:

  • Comprehensive examination request
  • Allergy examination
  • Infection antibody examination
  • Gene examination
  • Chromosome examination (Blood disease & congenital abnormalities)
  • Bacteria examination
  • Cytology examination
  • Pathology examination
  • Joint examination
  • Drug Lymphocyte stimulation test (DLST)
  • Special item dedicated test
  • Sectoral test

Examination result will be reported in predefined forms.
If results are required urgently, please give instruction by adding 01 in your request form, we will get back with the result as quickly as possible. Some of the examinations marked “emergency” are automatically returned with the result as quickly as possible without your instruction by adding 01.

Exceptional items

Accordance with the provisions of the Infectious Diseases Control Law, specimens of following infectious diseases from infection inmates, pseudo-symptoms and asymptomatic pathogen holders cannot be accepted.

[Specific Infections]

  • Class 1 infections; Ebola hemorrhagic fever, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, Smallpox, South American hemorrhagic fever and Lassa fever viral hemorrhagic fever, Pest and Marburg disease.
  • Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)


Submission and transportation method of specimen

This is a subject of discussion and to be mutually agreed.
We would like to propose following system;
We request your company to collect specimens from various clinics and hospitals by use of your drug delivery system under temperature control. Specimens are to be labeled for identification and examination request forms are attached to each specimen. Collected specimens are to be packed for appropriate temperature and given to our transport agent with packing details. Our air transportation agent will pick them up and arrange transportation to Laboratory in Japan.
Central laboratory here will distribute some of the specimens for special examination, if necessary under separate temperature controlled packaging to appropriate test laboratories including overseas.